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Posted on November 04 2014

A few weeks ago I finished the "Patriot" shirt.

All totalled i spent about 40-50 hours actually designing the face and another 10 or so figuring out how I wanted to display it on a shirt.

So far I have had really great response from people. I think a lot of people are connecting with the thought of being a "Patriot" isn't something you do just because you're American by Birth, but rather it's an attitude you put on each and every day. Just as our military puts on their tac vest.

For those reading this now, I hope you have it in you to prepare yourself everyday with physical training, spiritual training and psychological /emotional training.

I don't need to tell you that many of our freedoms here in America are being set aside as outdated and sorry to say other Americans are glad for it. Stand up and be a part of us that won't let that happen.


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