What is Purpose Driven Apparel? - Vote with Your Money

Posted on July 08 2015

Why do you buy the products you buy?
Do you truly believe that Hurley is better than Volcom, or Coach is better than Dooney and Bourke?
Do you like the designs of one company more than another?
What about their products, do you think one has better quality than the other?Does one company support a movement or give money to a charity that you support?
Do you even care about that?

When I started American Warrior, I felt it necessary to answer some of those questions for myself and for others.

When you start a new business there are a few factors that make up success.

  1. Do you solve a problem? (Did you create a mouse trap when there wasn't one.)
  2. Do you fill a niche that needed filling? (Did you create a mouse trap the works only on large mice.)
  3. Are you doing something better than your competitors? (Did you create a mouse trap that catches all the mice in your house at once.)

Being that American Warrior is "just another apparel line" it's hard to solve a problem in this industry, however I can fill a unique niche and I can also do it better (or at least offer more than just brand appeal) than my competitors.

Purpose driven apparel comes down to two elements,

  1. Create ONLY American made products (yes this isn't a first).
  2. Return a portion of the proceeds back to veteran charity (yes, also not a first)

The key is bringing these two elements together to create a whole new way of thinking of how and why we buy the things we do.

When you shop, you are voting with your money. You're saying with your purchase "I vote this product is better and more worthy than any other product". If you're buying based on brand alone, then you might be misguided. Most people don't realize that bands like Hurley and Volcom use the same exact apparel manufacturers and screen printers. They have their own graphic designers and people to create the look, but the production is done by the same people as their competitors.

With American Warrior, yes I'm using a manufacturer that has been used by many of my competitors, however they are exclusively American Made. American Warrior also supports Veteran Charity by donating to Semper Fi Fund (for 2015). We support American jobs and those that keep America free.

If you like what American Warrior is about, the please spread the word, purchase our products and as always thank a veteran.

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