Crazy Makeup

Posted on February 03 2016

In mid 2015 I was looking at ideas on line. I was thinking about the art work I created for the patriot (face and skull) and wondering if there was anything else like it out there in them internets.

On accident I ran across this young lady named Jessie who does makeup. But not just any makeup. She's one of the best makeup artists I have ever seen (and I've worked with many). She is creative, elegant, thoughtful about her work and is 100% committed to her craft. I reached out to her through Instagram (my SN of choice) and we began talking.

First of all she's a charming, intelligent young lady and it's been a pleasure getting to know her. Secondly and really most important to me, she LOVES the U.S.A.!

We struck a deal that I would give her some product if she would do her face like my patriot. She agreed. What she came up with was not only good, it was F)(*&KING AMAZING! She did the makeup on her own face and took hours to apply it.

You can see here what she has done. I believe you will find her work remarkable. You can find here on  Instagram @jesss_ie

Thank you Jessie for being such a great sport to torture yourself for me and American Warrior. You're hard work has not gone unnoticed. You're the absolute best!

 Patriot View 1

Patriot View 2

In honor of of Super Bowl this weekend.

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