1. Is American Warrior LLC and its subsidiaries veteran owned?
No, American Warrior LLC is civilian owned and operated. We greatly appreciate our veterans and choose to honor their service by donating to veteran charities.
2. Are your products made in the USA?
Yes and no. We design and print all of our products in our private warehouse in Southern California. We buy our blanks from a variety of manufacturers. Some of those products are manufactured in the US, others are not. Most of the blanks we buy which aren't manufactured in the US are milled in Honduras.
3. Why did you start with American Warrior and switch to Skull and Crossguns®?
When we started, we were hoping to trademark the name "American Warrior", but there was a legal issue we were unable to get around. So in an effort to protect our art and designs, we incorporated and became "American Warrior LLC" then shortly there after legally trademarked the name "Skull and Crossguns®" which further protects our art. Any trademarks we create are/will be owned by American Warrior LLC.
4. How often do you ship your orders?
We typically will ship within 48 hours or less. We do have some of our products which are created out of state and will take a few extra days to process. 
5. Do you ship outside of the US?
We can ship to any and all APO and FPO addresses for "local" US rates. As for private out of country addresses, yes, we can ship anywhere.
6. Do you buy art from other artists for print?
No. We create all our designs in house.
7. Do you offer printing services for private parties or other corporate agencies?
Yes. We offer screen printing (5 colors max), direct to garment and sublimation printing. We take any size order from 10 items all the way up to 1000's. There is no job to small or large. We also offer design services as well as print brokering.