Truth About American Warrior Direction

I get a lot of people telling me, "You should do this with your brand" or "make these things" or "create these designs".

Some of the ideas aren't bad ideas, however they aren't always practical. I am obsessed with creating apparel made in the USA. I have no time or patience for putting anything "American" on products made in any other country. It just doesn't make sense.

The biggest slap in the face to me is seeing shirts that say in big letters across the front "Made in the USA" but you look at the tag and it says "Made in China". Um HELL!O!!?! What is wrong with this picture.

If you have an idea for me, know that I will listen, but unless you have a USA made product I can use with that idea, that idea will fall on def ear here. I don't say that to offend you but to be honest. I just don't have time to consider anything other than MADE IN THE USA!

God bless the USA!


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