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Blog Posts

Check out our very own way of being social. Since we no longer are participating in the global, voluntary censorship program, sponsored by lame-stream social media outlets, we've decided to keep it real here on our site were we control our narrative.  Below you'll find the most recent entry. 

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The End of "Anti-Social" Social Media - posted 1/20/21

I've been a part of the Social Media machine since way back in MySpace days. In the beginning I thought it was fun, interesting and a great way to meet a variety of people as well as a great way to reconnect / stay connected with friends.

Once I started American Warrior (now Skull and Crossguns®), I really took social media seriously as a way to advance my business and hopefully increase exposure. For the most part it was very useful for that. But very quickly I realized I was going to have a difficult time.

For one, I'm not really all that social. I have a very small, very close group of friends. 
Second, I'm also not one to just "fit in". I don't see the world around me like most do. That's not to say it's better or worse, I just see it different. 
And third, I'm a bit of a loud mouth. I don't keep my opinions to myself very well.

I had a Twitter account, but got banned for calling a D-list hokiewood director a mean name.

I had a Facebook account then added a business account. The business account was moving along just fine then stalled at 1990 followers and NEVER got over 2K.

Then added IG.  Got that account upto just shy of 14K and again, saw a big dump of followers and never got over that 14 mark.

Tried running ads of both FB and IG. The Facebook ads were obviously being run down in a click farm as you can see my stats showing 100% bounce. So thousands of people clicked my ad, saw my page and in .02 seconds left. All of them! Not a single person chose to see what my shop is about, but was interested enough to click the ad. Yeah! OK!

THEN FB decided I was a political candidate and I was asked to submit ALL my credit cards, drivers license and passport in the form of pictures to prove who I am. They wouldn't open a discussion. They just said "do this or don't run ads". So at that point all my FB and IG ads stopped.

After the most recent ban of certain political leaders but leaving other leaders up who call for "death to America" I abandoned all my mainstream social media and moved to Parler, Rumble, MEWE and Gab. That was over the last 30 days or less.

NOW, I have decided it's time to stop trying to fit into places either I'm clearly not wanted or just don't want to participate. I'm tired of the ugliness people show to one another for something as simple as a difference of opinion. 

I'm tired of narcissism that the encouragement of taking endless selfies produces. I simply don't want to be a part of that world.

SO, I am / will be posting on a good ole fashioned blog once again. I can speak my peace, I can have fun and hopefully people will engage who a can be interesting, funny and supportive of what Skull and Crossguns® is all about; patriotism, unity, peace, endurance and above all things, FREEDOM.

Freedom to speak what you will, go where you want, love who you want and worship how you want. If you can do all that and at the same time "do no harm" then we will get along fine.

I'm looking forward to this new chapter as well as the engagement from a wide variety of people.  That being said...fairwarning...come here and get stupid, mean or violent, and you'll get booted.