Wounded Warrior Project Info

I wouldn't normally post something like this but I think it's important and I don't like anybody getting bad press over rumor.

I have a lot of people ask me who I donate too. When I say "Wounded Warrior" I get some flack over them being upside down or top heavy. Well here is their financial breakdown. (taken directly from their site on 5-28-14)

Now to some people this may be way too much to overhead but honestly, this isn't bad at all. I used to work as a contractor for a radio/TV charity and their overhead was over 40%. That to me is just robbery and irresponsible.

I'm sorry Wounded Warrior if you have gotten any bad press. I don't see these number you have on your website as being out of line and I appreciate what you are doing. At the end of the day, you still raised $175 Million to help our vets. And for that I say Thank You.


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