First Public Event

On October 7, I joined a long list of vendors at the UFC gym in Corona, CA for a charity blood drive for Jacob who lost his battle to blood cancer. I was happy to be apart of something so important.

I was even more pleased to meet such an amazing group of people who are just as passionate about loving the USA as I am. Not just other vendors, but the masses of people that stopped by to ask about AWW, take cards and purchase product on the spot.

Make no mistake...Patriotism is alive and kicking in the USA. Americans love our country and the political mess that is happening now, is just putting adding gas to an already burning fire in our hearts.

Thank you to all that stopped by to say hi. It was a pleasure to meet each and every single one of you. I will be adding an events page soon as I commit to more events in the future.

God bless the USA and bless our troops here at home and abroad.

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