Never Forget Dec. 4-13, 2011

I did a little figuring out. The list that I'm currently working from goes back to 2001. Since then (thru Dec. 6, 2013) 2285 American Soldiers were KIA. Of those soldiers 1658 were under the age of 30. I know this is no surpise. We have young soldiers for a reason. They're strong, courageous and recover quickly. But what's bothering me is that they give EVERYTHING to the US, to each other, and what do they get in return? I'm waiting. Hello? can you answer me? No because you know as well as I do, they don't get crap. A few get recognition for valor. The rest get an obit and a sad family. I'm getting more and more irritated at our admin for their lack of respect for our military. There simply is NO EXCUSE! Obama has taken more than 10 full weeks off to play golf over his stay in the white house, but yet we can't afford to give hot breakfast to our soldiers? Yeah Ok!


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