We Have So Much Time and So Little To Do - Strike That...Reverse It

The last 60 days have been a tidal wave of "to do's" and task management so why don't we just lay out the a simple list of the big stuff.

1)  We have been hard at work creating more great, new designs to add to your patriotic / motivational collection in your closet.

2)  We have an updated Google business listing which will hopefully improve our online search results as well as offer insight into how we are doing as a business.  You can find the business listing here (Skull and Crossguns Business Listing).

This is where we ask you a favor...
If you would be so kind as to help us by submitting a review, we would be eternally grateful!

3)  We are back on Instagram!
     No, wait we're back off again.

     At the beginning of May we decided that after 4 plus months of being offline, maybe it's a great time to go ahead and see if we were done being shadowbanned /censored on the gram.  Well, sadly it didn't take long for IG to make their opinions about this business loud and clear. 

     We just couldn't make it work.  We could post a picture of a dog and get some views and likes, but ANYTHING regarding our business was immediately throttled and shut down.  Posting a pic of a shirt, or new design got a handful of view and less likes.

     Not to mention we "lost" over 700 followers out of thin air and had no new followers after 30 days.  While having hard proof that IG is playing some digital game with our account is difficult to get, it's fairly clear that there is something going on within their system which makes it an uphill climb.

     So in the mean time we are back to focussing on our homepage blog and we will be posting to our Google business listing to "hopefully" increase internet traffic.

     Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Please comment if you like and share as we rely on word of mouth to help this business grow.

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