Why I Doubt the Sincerity of Parler

A few weeks ago, I removed myself and my business from social media. I have one account left and that's on LinkedIn. An account used primarily for business to business but frankly it's a giant turd too, but for now I keep it around because I almost never use it.

One of my first ventures away from the big 3 (really big 2 since one banned me) was to give Parler a shot. In the beginning it was a little clunky butv I soon got over it. My own personal deterrent was that site is almost exclusively political. There was nothing fun, funny or entertaining about it. Instagram at least had lots of accounts that you could laugh at or find some bit of info to glean and grow.

Here is where I decided to kill all social media at once. I saw an interview with one of the founders of Parler, John Matze. During an interview, he said Amazon just shut him down and gave him no time to gather his code from their servers. Sorry but I call BS and here's why.

John said he was a long-time coder for big tech. It’s safe to assume he's been writing code for a long time and apparently pretty good at it since he was getting paid plenty of money by the big guys to do so.

As a graphic designer one of the things you learn first is to "save often".  I can't tell you how many times I was working on something and the program or computer crashed, and I lost hours of work. In conjunction with that, I NEVER kept a single copy of my work. Especially when it was final. I have several hard drives that I store my work across because recreating work is an absolute nightmare. I know some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So, you're going to tell me, a highly experience, highly paid coder loaded 100% of his code to a server someone else owns, and didn't keep any back-ups anywhere? Sorry but that's a rookie mistake and frankly idiotic.

Where am I going with this?

Let's put the puzzle together a little bit here.

- Big tech is slowly censoring anybody they see fit to shut down and silence. 
- Along comes a Silicon Valley coder and creates his own free speech platform. 
- While people are getting shut down left and right as the agenda progresses, Johnny boy says "Hey guys! Over here! I got a new platform you can say whatever you want!"
- He rounds up millions of previously silenced voices. Many of whom were banned or actually deleted their accounts altogether. And just before January 6, his whole site shuts down and he "wasn't prepared", now further silencing and distancing those millions of voices.

In all fairness maybe John is a great guy with good intentions, but he was poorly prepared. Either way I have zero confidence in his company or ability to truly create a free speech platform worthy of my attention.

This was the last straw for me. This was the point I decided to pull the plug on all social media and move on into a new world of NOT being inundated with agenda and political rhetoric.

I feel bad for Dan Bongino. If he is who he says he is, he got royally screwed on this business deal and lost a lot of money. As for me, I'll continue doing my thing outside of what society calls normal. I'm a drummer for a reason...I create my own beats to groove to.

Be Blessed!


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