Down Range Design Explained

This weekend I was at the Gun Show in Ventura, California and I had a man come up to me yelling at me that my shirts were wrong. He was very rude and didn't want to listen at all to reason or anything I had to say. He was just interested in being a jerk quite frankly.

His comments were about my Down Range shirts and the flag on the back being in the wrong direction. So for the interest of giving proper honor to our flag and my intention let me explain my thoughts and position regarding the flag and my design as they relate to the U.S. Flag display guidelines.

The guidelines (view guideline PDF here) as posted on the VA website, for the flag hung in vertical position, require the stars be to the North or East. The down range shirt shows the stars on the right hand side. Some people think they MUST be on the left and perhaps so if hung on a wall in that manner.
(excerpt taken from the PDF listed above)

However there is a method to my madness. This shirt was designed with our our service men/women coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan. With that in mind, they are now walking West, FROM the East. When viewed with that in mind, the Stars are facing North.

I might also add that these guidelines are in reference to the actual hanging and displaying of the flag itself, not as pertains to design. But know that I will always do my best and work hard to never dishonor our U.S. Flag. I value it and what it represents way too much.
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