American Warrior: Getting to the point.

What is American Warrior about?

In December of 2012 a friend of mine opened my eyes to some of the atrocities happening around the country with regards to our government. After spending the next few months seeing how utterly corrupt (or so it seems to me) our government is, I felt very helpless to do anything about it. Without getting further political here, I will just say that it became clear that our vets were getting the short end of the stick upon returning from service.

At that point I realized there was something I could do to help somebody somewhere. I could start a business and donate money from that business to help those vets, through programs like Wounded Warrior Project and Boot Campaign.

So you may be asking, "Why didn't you just open your own NPO?" Well that's simple. I don't know anything about running an NPO. Perhaps it's just like any other business, but I just don't know. Second, I've been a graphic designer for almost 18 years and have been freelance for the last 15.

SO....running my own business is second nature as well, I know how to design. Put that together with an existing strong industry and you get American Warrior. And it just made sense.

I have a strong passion to see our vets have a better life. Suicide is too high, unemployment is too high. If anybody deserves the chance to make things happen it's our hero's that served our country.

Peace Warriors!

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