What's with the Spartan Helmet?

I know it seems odd to be mixing American patriotism ideals with a totally different culture, however there is a method to my madness.

The Spartan culture was built around the idea that every single person is a warrior. That every single person would stand up and fight for what they believed in. I think it's high time we get that back here in America. I'm not suggesting that every single person wield a sword or AR-15. What I'm suggesting is a much more encompassing to individual beliefs coupled with protection of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I know we are all built in different ways and we all think differently. With that being said, fighting a battle isn't just about weapons of warfare, but about the mind and spirit of a warrior.

Yes there will always be a need for strong, able bodied people to engage the enemy physically. At the same time we will need great doctors to mend those wounded, great thinkers to strategize, great speakers to inspire, great writers to spread the word, and great workers who know how to lift a hammer and rebuild.

But before all of that, I think it's important that WE as a nation of people rally together for a single cause, that being to protect what is sacred in this country, The Constitution. That should be first and foremost and to forget about political agenda's. I don't believe it takes a Democrat, Republican, Tea Partier, Libertarian or whatever to see that through.

I think our military is a great example of that concept. Our soldiers stand side by side, regardless of race, religion or political stance. Their goal is "accomplish the mission".

I don't think it's that much to ask that every man, woman and child love this country to do something to preserve it. But it's something we must teach our children.

That's a part of the reason I started American Warrior. I wanted my kids to see a man that loves his family and loves his country and is willing to do something rather than nothing.

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